Worldwide programmatic advertising ecosystem

Our products:
  • SSP

    Ad traffic monetization (technologies for publishers to maximize their income) and supply.

    Provide ad partners with ~10 billion direct bid requests with 20 billion impressions per month as a result.

  • DSP

    Platform for buying advertisement on SSP RTBSape direct inventory and traffic of our partners using unique technologies to increase the effectiveness of your campaigns.

  • Ad Exchange

    Source of inventory with >200 billion impressions per month on direct and side publishers to satisfy our clients’ needs.

  • DMP

    A data platform for DSP RTBSape that allows to use common targetings, ready-made audiences from external DMPs, segments by keywords from Yandex search.

  • Inventory types: PC & mobile

  • Geo: RU/CIS 90%, Worldwide 10%

  • Mobile web and in-app traffic

  • Media formats: banner, video, native

  • Direct deals support

  • All types of auction


  • 1000 active campaigns per month

  • Ad click prediction based on machine learning

  • Choose between SaaS and full-service models

  • Standard targetings
  • Custom audience segments
  • External DMPs support
SapeX Ad Exchange
  • 500 000 QPS

  • >200 billion impressions per month

  • OpenRTB 2.5 support

  • KPI settings: CTR, VTR, VR, bidfloor, etc.

  • More than 30 demand partners

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